Monday, August 4, 2014

Very old sampler blocs

Not too long ago I decided to collect all blocs I ever made and put them in the Picking up the pieces quilt.
The size?  Well, the aim is to make a cozy lap quilt. But it really depends on the blocs I gather...
I found a few very old and unfinished blocs; samples from the first quilting course I followed over 20 years ago.

This log cabin was the very first quilt bloc I ever made.

The chicken was supposed to become an egg warmer but - after a lot of pinning and a few minutes at the sewing machine - it ended up in a patchwork block.

The Celtic knot has also been finished after sitting in a folder for 2 decades.

Next step: finish the Sew over the Rainbow quilt, which will become the center of Picking up the pieces.